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EC130 Helicopter

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EC130 Helicopter

Thanks to its formidable visibility, quietness, comfort, performance and safety, this versatile helicopter is a key member of Big Blue Air family.

+ 1 Pilot
0 Passengers
Max Speed (287km/h)
0 Knots
0 lbs
Range (610km) approx
0 nm

About the EC130

The EC130 is an intermediate single-engine helicopter tailored for passenger transport, sightseeing and VIP duties, as well as medical airlift and surveillance missions. As a multi-role rotorcraft, the EC130 B4 has a spacious cabin for one pilot and up to six passengers.

Other EC130 enhancements include an Active Vibration Control System and advanced environmental control; improved air conditioning a cockpit update for an enhanced man-machine interface integrating a glass cockpit Garmin G500H with SVS and HTAWS; as well as a two-axis auto pilot. As the quietest helicopter on the market in its category, the EC130’s Fenestron® shrouded tail rotor and automatic variable rotor speed control contribute to its significantly reduced external sound level. With a noise signature 6 dB below ICAO limits, it is quieter than the most restrictive limits defined by the Grand Canyon National Park in the United States – a recognised benchmark for eco-friendly tourism operations.


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